What (truck) did the CarCynic Buy This Time?

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The CarCynic isn’t just Cynical about Cars. The CarCynic also prefers classic and unique trucks over the “contemporary” offerings. So when the CarCynic went shopping for something to haul his DJ equipment to car shows[Link to be restored soon], you can be pretty sure the CarCynic didn’t buy a Hyundai Kona. Besides, the CarCynic’s Cerwin Vega’s wouldn’t fit in a Kona anyway.

So what Truck/Van/SUV did the CarCynic buy? — This time, I’ll make it a little easier — I’ll make it multiple choice.

Update: The Answer has been Revealed. See the answer here, where the Cynic’s newest acquisition has been added to the page showing the CarCynic’s vehicles.

You can still read about other trucks the CarCynic was learning about below:

Note: None of the pictures shown below are pictures of the actual vehicle. All pictures are from Wikimedia, and used per their license.


1. UAZ 452 2. Chevrolet Panel Van 3. Volvo C304 4. Chevrolet Corvan

Read on to learn about each vehicle, and then send your guess via the pictorial email address to the left.

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The vehicle will be revealed at the Tree of Life Fall Festival and Car Show, this Saturday, October 29, at the Life Care Center of Melbourne, 606 East Sheridan Road, Melbourne Florida, 32901 from 10AM to 1PM. Just ask where the CarCynic parked.

Which Truck did the CarCynic Buy? — The Details on each type of vehicle:

UAZ 452

Sometimes referred to as the Easter Bloc’s version of the iconic VW Bus (Type 2), The UAZ 452 has that same cool look, but far better off-road capabilities. There are also plenty of them available in Eastern or Western Europe for less money than a VW bus in the same condition will cost you. There were lots of different interior configurations available, and with side and rear door access, we’ll have “Sound On” in no time.

Chevrolet Panel Van

One of the best vehicles the CarCynic ever owned was his 1987 Chevrolet Suburban. The Chevrolet Panel Vans, with available 10′ cargo bays were basically Suburbans on growth hormones. Even when I had my 1987 Suburban, I used to refer to the older Chevy Suburbans and Panel Vans as “The True Suburbans” because they had that iconic farm equipment look. The panel vans had fully opening “ambulance doors” for easy unloading of those 18″ Sub Woofers.

Volvo C304 “TGB”

What makes the CarCynic cynical about typical 4×4’s? — Yup – 6×6’s! The Volvo C304 (and it’s 4×4 little brother, the C303) were made in large quantities, and like the UAZ, they were sold in both Eastern and Western Europe to both military/governments and to civilians that needed fantastic off-road capability. They also share a base engine with Volvo street cars sold in the USA, so engine, and some other parts are readily available at local Volvo dealers. Not only will it make the 4×4 crowd jealous, but CarCynic Sound can host an event pretty much anywhere.

Chevrolet Corvan

Another Iconic look is the 1961-1964 Chevrolet Corvair Van, AKA Corvan, and it’s close cousin the Corvair Rampside pickup truck. Like the UAZ 452, the Corvan is considered a forward control vehicle since the steering wheel is in front of the front axle. Forward controls, and rear engined — that’s certainly an unique configuration, and one that allows lots of cargo space in the center. Maybe I can DJ right from inside.

Originally posted by: admin on 25 October 22 @ 05:29 PM EST