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I am an Aerospace Engineer, Technology Hobbyist, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Collector of Rare Automobiles, specifically Classic Citroens. I  enjoy educating others about automotive technology.
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Last Updated by: admin on 08 October 12 @ 03:30 PM EST

19 September 14 @ 02:03 PM

Does Citroën have a Future in the WRC?

WRC Logo (15k image)
As we near the end of the 2014 World Rally Championship season, many are asking what will become of Citroën's involvement in the 2015 season and beyond. Some recent comments by Citroën's new chairman Carlos Tavares' have certainly cast a dark shadow over at least the future of the Citroën DS3 World Rally Car. So what are the possibilities for Citroën's WRC future, if there is one at all?


Posted by: carcynic on 19 September 14 @ 02:03 PM EST [Article Anchor]

07 June 14 @ 01:02 AM

How did the CarCynic's Father know about the GM Ignition Switch Issue 45 Years Ago?

This is an article about Automotive Safety. To find other Safety Related articles, use this Canned Search

GM_Ignition_1 (29k image)

45 Years ago, Cars didn't have Air Bags. American Cars didn't even have shoulder harnesses, and many Americans didn't wear the lap belt. It would be 10 years until the first NHTSB crash tests, and 15 years until the first US Seat Belt laws. The term "Blood Alcohol Level" didn't exist outside of a few medical research committees, and a "Breathalyser" would have been science fiction.

The Carcynic wasn't tall enough to see out a car windshield, and child car seats were largely unheard of. But in my Dad's smelly old Volvo, buckling up was mandatory -- No complaints, no questions, no discussions. So when one day my Father started a safety lecture even before we fastened our seat belts, I remembered it. It was 10 years before I would even get a "Learners Permit", but something compelled him that day to warn me about adding unnecessary objects (weight) to my future keychain. Perhaps another reason why I remember it was that I was just about eye-level with the ignition switch.


Posted by: carcynic on 07 June 14 @ 01:02 AM EST [Article Anchor]

19 May 14 @ 06:49 PM Aerial Photography

The Carcynic's Aerial Photography Drones may be available to provide incredible, free aerial shots of your event or property:

rendezvous13_aerial_shot (49k image)

Screenshot-MINI0004.MOV-1 (45k image)

Please Note:

The Carcynic operates UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in accordance with actual laws on the books at the time of the UAV operation (flight).
The Carcynic operates UAV's safely. Memos and Internal Letters are used as guidelines, but safety to people and property is the primary concern.
The flights mentioned or shown here are not UAV operations of the Carcynic's employer.
The Carcynic has received no compensation in any form for the flights/photographs shown above.
The Carcynic flies only for enjoyment.

Why is the Carcynic a safer Aerial Photographer?:

The Carcynic has 25 years of Aerospace Engineering Experience
The Carcynic has 30 years experience building and flying Unmanned Model Aircraft.
The Carcynic and the Carcynic's trained safety spotters have full scale (Real, manned Aircraft) flight training.
The Carcynic does not use store-bought "Go-Pro" "Action" Cameras. The Carcynic's Drones use cameras whose design and installation makes them suitable for in-flight use, While providing High-definition Video and/or Still photography.
The Carcynic does not use store-bought or toy quadcopters. The Carcynic uses hobby and professional components in his own multirotor designs.

DSC_4823_sm (192k image)

The Carcynic loves to talk about Drones!
Contact the Carcynic for details on Carcynic Appearances for more information.
Carcynic Appearances for charities or benefit events may be free.

Contact Anti-Bot

Yes, restrictions apply:

Drone flights must have a clear, safe area to fly in.
We cannot fly over or near people, vehicles (parked or moving), public roads (unless they are closed to all public traffic), or permanent buildings.
Flights cannot occur with in 3 miles of an active airport.

Posted by: carcynic on 19 May 14 @ 06:49 PM EST

22 February 14 @ 09:10 PM Barcode Landing Page

If you landed here, you probably scanned the QR Code on one of the Carcynic's Cars (or perhaps on a urinal some place).

The Carcynic's Award-Winning Classic Citroen Automobiles are available for movies and commercials. It's a great way to give authenticity to European sets or scenes. The CarCyinc's garage is minutes from Central Florida Film Studios. Static or Moving. Terms Negotiable. The CarCynic has experience on film and TV commercial sets. Contact the CarCynic using the email anti-spam address below:

Additionally, the Carcynic is available for appearances or talks. The CarCynic can appear in CarCynic Pit Crew attire, and can speak on a variety of topics, drive, crew, or facilitate. Contact the CarCynic using the email anti-spam address below:

While you are here, please checkout the rest of the website for Automotive Humor, Reviews, and Safety Information.

Read on for information about the cars.


Posted by: admin on 22 February 14 @ 09:10 PM EST [Article Anchor]

03 October 13 @ 02:24 PM

Franken Hog -- Modification to the Air Hogs X4 Helix Toy Quadcopter

In addition to Cars, one thing we like to play around with here at is Quadcopters. For one, they are cheaper and take up less room than cars, so we can play with lots of them.

Air_Hogs_Quad_1 (18k image)

We like building them, modding them, and on occasion -- flying them.

We previously reviewed the Air Hogs X4 "Stunt" Quadcopter in this article.

Air_Hogs_Quad_4 (16k image)

Frankly, we were pretty harsh on it. We were especially disappointed with the fake (non-functional) trim controls, and it's overall flying characteristics. But we are not ones to leave well enough alone. Whether or not it's broken, we'll "fix" it. So I whipped out my trusty Swiss Army Knife and dissected my X4. Read on to see my modifications, and the results....


Posted by: carcynic on 03 October 13 @ 02:24 PM EST [Article Anchor]

25 September 13 @ 08:02 PM

Vive le CX, or Maybe the C6, or Maybe the DS9 or...

Citroen_CX (13k image)

When Citroën stopped making the CX in 1991, it was "replaced" with the Citroën XM. but the XM wasn't a CX. While it was a fairly large executive car (at least for Europe), the XM was not as long or as prestigious as a CX -- especially a CX Prestige. It may have checked the "Executive Car" box, it never did replace the CX -- Not in sales figures or in the minds of Citronistas like myself.

Even typical Citroën haters (such as Mr Jeremy Clarkson) had kind words for the CX. Presidents (and dictators) cherished them. So did music stars. Producers and Directors filmed them.

People still compare the Citroën CX to a spaceship, aircraft, or car of the future.

It was not until 2005 that the Citroën CX (sort of) came back. It wasn't called the CX, it was given a name that sounded similar, but was in line with Citroën's naming convention of the time - C6. The long bonnet (hood), the curved rear glass, and the overall look were clearly reminiscent of the CX.

Citroen C6
Citroën C6 (Photo:Wikimedia User: S 400 HYBRID)

The C6 carried forth some of the CX's style, but sadly it never carried forth the CX's multi-million unit sales figures. It was expensive to buy and expensive to operate, and really did not offer any advantages over the more practical Citroën C5. If you wanted the luxury of the C6, and the ride of the Hydractive suspension, just order a C5, and pile on the options. You can still do this today.

So, in 2012, the C6 followed the CX into the automotive history pages.

But today, Citroën's Pierre Monferrini (DS5 Project Manager, and now head of the "C" Line) confirmed that another big Citroën -- another incarnation of the CX, in my terms -- is in the works. More than that, he was referring to a real production car, not a prototype or concept, although which markets it will be sold in was not specified. He also declined to reveal a name. By C-Line they are referring to Citroen's new "C-hyphen-something" line, like the also recently announced C-Elysee or C-Catctus. Perhaps the name will show its CX lineage -- "C-Eacks"?, "C-Axe"? Or maybe a nod to the C6: "C-Sicks"? Perhaps Latin - "C-Sex"? or Late Egyptian - "C-Sa'w"?

Whatever it's name, the chances of it being sold in the US are somewhere south of nil, but at least the legacy of my old CX Prestige Turbo II will live on.

Posted by: carcynic on 25 September 13 @ 08:02 PM EST

09 September 13 @ 03:11 PM

The (not a) Car I Learned about Today: The Air Hogs X4 “Stunt” Toy Quadcopter

In addition to Cars, one thing we like to play around with here at is Quadcopters. You may have seen the areal footage of Citroen Rendezvous shot from one of our autonomous Quadcopter “drones”.

Air_Hogs_Quad_1 (18k image)

We like building them, flying them, and learning about new ones.

Today, We are going to review the Air Hogs X4 Stunt.

Air_Hogs_Quad_2 (44k image)


Posted by: carcynic on 09 September 13 @ 03:11 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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