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I am an Aerospace Engineer, Technology Hobbyist, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Collector of Rare Automobiles, specifically Classic Citroens. I  enjoy educating others about automotive technology.
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Last Updated by: admin on 08 October 12 @ 03:30 PM EST

28 January 16 @ 11:54 AM

Citroën C6 Production to Resume

citroen-c6-china-1-660x428 (38k image)
Workers tease a pre-production Citroen C6 at the assembly line in China. Photo: CarNewsChina (edited)

The Citroën C6 is the car that won't (and shouldn't) die. In this article we'll take a look at Citroen's flagship cars -- and take a look at what is in the future for Citroen's top of the line.


Posted by: admin on 28 January 16 @ 11:54 AM EST [Article Anchor]

27 November 15 @ 12:34 PM

Yes, You can by a new Citroën in the United States (Part 2 - Update)

Jumper_ProMaster (104k image)
Photos: Wikimedia, and original sources unknown. Composite:

In Part 1 of this article, We learned that there are several models of cars sold in the united states that are essentially the same vehicle as Citroen Models sold in Europe. This article updates that with one more, and some speculation about the future....


Posted by: carcynic on 27 November 15 @ 12:34 PM EST [Article Anchor]

19 November 15 @ 11:08 PM

Citroën Reboots WRC Efforts

Screenshot_WRC (77k image)
Caption: This is what happens when a certain Korean Car company tries to challenge Citroën for 2nd Place in the WRC Manufactures Championship. Photo taken from still frame of FIA/WRC video:
Other than Ego's, there were no injuries in the event depicted.

First, the Bad News: There will be no official, factory Citroëns in the 2016 WRC (World Rally Chamipionship).
The good news is that Citroen will be back in 2017 with new cars and a fresh start.

Click on to Read the CarCynic's witty WRC commentary...


Posted by: carcynic on 19 November 15 @ 11:08 PM EST [Article Anchor]

28 July 15 @ 10:45 PM

The CarCynic speaks with Jerome Vassallo, Elio Motor's VP of Sales

Elio_1_sm_pub (141k image)

The CarCynic met up with Elio's Jerome Vassallo, Vice-President of Sales at The Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in West Palm Beach, FL. Hit the Read More Link below to read about our conversation, and some things about the Elio car that Elio Motors can't tell you.


Posted by: carcynic on 28 July 15 @ 10:45 PM EST [Article Anchor]

22 July 15 @ 10:34 PM

The Most Important Tool to Keep your Car Safe

This is an article about Automotive Safety. To find other Safety Related articles, use this Canned Search

Block_sm_pub (110k image)

When I talk to people about DIY (Do It Yourself) work on their cars, they often tell me that they don't have the tools. Well -- personal inadequacies aside -- you don't have to have a shop full of tools like a NASCAR team to help keep your car safely on the road. What's pictured above is a plain cement construction block (any similarly sized brick will work). Hit the Read More link below to see how this Important Automotive Safety Testing Tool is used...


Posted by: carcynic on 22 July 15 @ 10:34 PM EST [Article Anchor]

10 May 15 @ 12:33 AM

Hey! Citroën Fans -- Stop Reading This Page! -- Instead, Go to eBay Immediately

Citroen C6 on eBay (177k image)
Photo Credit: eBay seller

If you're a Citroën affectionado, or anyone that may be interested in adding a rare and one-of-a-kind car to your collection, now is a good time to be surfing eBay.

Read on for a summary, and some information about these cars from the CarCynic...


Posted by: admin on 10 May 15 @ 12:33 AM EST [Article Anchor]

26 March 15 @ 10:05 PM

Please Check your Zipper

zipper_sm_pub (177k image)

This is one of many articles related to automotive safety here on To find other articles, just search for "safety" using the search box on the left.

OK -- Stop what you are doing and check your zipper. (If you use a jacket, like shown, it can help to avoid being fired for indecency.) See all those little teeth things -- on both sides? They all go together one from one side then one from the other. Try it (This can be a fun exercise to do with a friend.) If the zipper doesn't do that properly we get -- a jam. Now pretend each little tooth was a car -- one of them yours. If there is a closed lane, or a reduction in the number of lanes, we must merge exactly the same way, or there will be -- a jam. Here is an article on arstechnica which includes a video from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. You may think that it is rude to wait until nearly the last minute to attempt to force your way in. It turns out that a zipper merge (or late merge) is actually the most effecive way to keep everybody moving. What if it's not your lane that's blocked? Think it's not your problem? By slowing to make room, and even stopping to force the zipper, you'll actually get through the jam faster. When you are not near the merge point, keep it tight (pay attention to your following distance) and again -- to the limit that it is safe to do so -- force the zipper. Only the clueless will think you are being mean.

You (should have) learned how to zip your zipper when you were just a few years old. If drivers would learn to zipper their mergers, we would have a significant reduction in the time spent in traffic.

Posted by: carcynic on 26 March 15 @ 10:05 PM EST

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