What is is my attempt to write automotive articles. (And hopefully get someone to read them.) is a hobby website. does not sell any products, and is not associated with any automobile manufacturer, dealer, or accessories or parts vendor.

Who is the CarCynic?
I am an Aerospace Engineer, Technology Hobbyist, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Collector of Rare Vehicles. I enjoy educating others about automotive technology.

Where are the Posts from the Old
Recent Articles from the Old will be cut and pasted into new articles here. For older articles, it is recommended that you use a web caching service of your choice.

How Much Racing Experience do you have?
None. I grew up fixing cars, not destroying them. That said, I do have some experience with racing go-carts, and I have owned performance cars. I’ve become rather bored with NASCAR, and its perfunctory driver interviews. I enjoy watching World Rally Championship (WRC) racing, and rallying on lower levels.

Why do you think you can write a car blog?
I have written for other websites, and some have said I am at least marginally good, so I thought I’d have a go at writing about one of my other passions — cars.

So you’re a wannabe Jeremy Clarkson?
I have no problem admitting that. I differ from the TG guys in several ways: I’m better looking than Clarkson, better at buying shirts than James May, and I’m taller than Richard Hammond. I also happen to like Mexican food.

Carcynic sounds like Arsenic or Carcinogen — is it bad for me?
Yes. Symptoms may include despising your current car, compulsive haggling with car dealers, total neglect of Facebook while driving (I hope), and heightened sense of what all those funny pipes and wires under the hood are for.

Can I contribute?
Sure. For the time-being please post comments, questions, etc. to the relevant article , but make sure you fact check yourself. I and the other readers will if you don’t, and you may not come out smelling so pretty. Self registration is not working yet. An email address to register will be posted soon.

When will there be a CarCynic TV show?
Please see the CarCynic’s YouTube channel. Expect more to be posted there as the site and the YouTube channel grow. Of course if you happen to be a Mega Media Mogul in search of talent, I think I might be able to spare you just a bit of my time.

I read your posts, and I really like them, so I want to send you a free Bugatti. How can I contact you?
To arrange an appearance by the CarCynic, email: [addresses to be updated soon]
To arrange for one of the CarCynic’s award-winning show cars to be at your event or in your production, email: [addresses to be updated soon]
For Car Shows and DJ/Pro Sound Services: [You guessed it — addresses to be updated soon]

I’m a Supercar manufacturer. Can I send you a priceless prototype Supercar so you can drive it like an idiot on your test track — destroying 3 sets of tires and the environment at the same time?
No, but we are working to correct this deficiency.

Yeah Right — You don’t even have a test track!
Actually I do. I don’t own it, and I don’t want to be specific to avoid undue attention, but anyone familiar with South Western Palm Bay, Florida will know what I am talking about.

My car won’t start, makes funny noises, handles like a sack of pureed frogs, etc… Will you tell me how to fix it?
Well, I can provide a sarcastic, belittling, and possibly marginally useful response. Posts are of course, public. Obviously, not all questions can be answered.

Hey! Something you wrote really #@&! me off. Should I make myself look like an idiot by publicly flaming you?
Well…… No. Remember first, this is all for fun. If you disagree with me, keep in mind there are likely others who just as strongly agree. They will be reading your comments too, and forming their own opinions of you. As the name implies, CarCynic is humorous, cynical, and sarcastic. Recognize humor for humor. Keep your emotional outbursts on your side of your router.

Actually, I think you’re not cynical enough. Why don’t you just let it all out?
Remember, I do not have the entire legal team of the world’s largest broadcaster behind me.

What’s with all the Eurocar talk? Especially the notable Citroën bias. Are you French? A Francophile?
One cannot be against the automotive establishment, and not appreciate the historic Citroen. We’ll see in future posts the influence Citroen has had on the automotive industry. There are plenty of good American cars too, as we will also see. Did I mention Japanese and Korean cars? — Oh, that’s right, I didn’t.
As far as my writing style, I have been influenced by British comedy for many years, so that may show on occasion. I promise not to put “Y’s” in my tires (it makes them roll funny), and the aluminum used in cars should never contain extra syllables. In the international world of the Internet, “petrol” seems to be used more than “gas”, so you may see that here too. It seems a little funny to me to call a liquid – “gas”.

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