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I am an Aerospace Engineer, Technology Hobbyist, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Collector of Rare Automobiles, specifically Classic Citroens. I  enjoy educating others about automotive technology.
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Last Updated by: admin on 08 October 12 @ 03:30 PM EST

26 February 22 @ 02:39 PM

CarCynic's comments on the current situation in Ukraine:

Based on My ownership of a car originally manufactured in the Soviet Union, I felt compelled to make a statement on the current situation in Ukraine.

Flag_of_Ukraine (2k image)st_javelin (45k image)
Origin of the image on the right is unknown. I claim no credit for this image.

I have decided to break that statement out to this separate article, and I will update this article as needed.

Original Entry: 24 February 2022
The CarCynic expresses his support and best wishes for the people of Ukraine. I would like to point out that this car was made in the former Soviet Union, a government that no longer exists. Russia in no way profited from the CarCynic's acquisition of this car. In response to Russian military action in Ukraine, the CarCynic is taking the following steps: 1.) At least for the short term, no parts or accessories will be purchased from Russian vendors unless those vendors specifically denounce the actions of the current Russian Government WRT Ukraine. This applies to companies and individuals selling on auction sites. 2.)The same applies to my support of YouTubers residing in Russia. Support means watching, "liking", purchasing "Merch", or providing links. The CarCynic will continue to support vendors and content producers within Ukraine and elsewhere who support and strive for a free Ukraine.

Please Read On for Updates...


Posted by: admin on 26 February 22 @ 02:39 PM EST [Article Anchor]

24 September 21 @ 06:35 PM

What did the CarCynic Buy This Time?

Car_Blur_YT (123k image)

What did the CarCynic Buy This Time? Hint: It's not a Citroën. Check back soon for more information, and until then, you can send your guess using the anti-spam picture addresses to the left. Your email address will not be shared or sold. Right Click on the image, and choose "Open Image..." to see a larger picture.
UPDATE: The Answer has been reveled. Read More for a picture and description...


Posted by: admin on 24 September 21 @ 06:35 PM EST [Article Anchor]

20 September 18 @ 02:20 AM

The CarCynic Crashes Electric Car Event on The Space Coast

SpaceCoast_EV_Show1 (148k image)
The CarCynic Invites Himself, and his Non-electric 1982 Citroen GSA to a "National Drive Electric Week" Event in Satellite Beach, FL. Photo: Unknown, Shared Publicly on Google Photos. Right Click and select View Image for larger version.

The CarCynic, His NOx-Gushing, Dino-burning 1982 Citroen, and a Stack of Pamphlets detailing the dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries -vs- Hundreds of EV Enthusiasts -- How's that going to end?


Posted by: admin on 20 September 18 @ 02:20 AM EST [Article Anchor]

03 September 18 @ 11:37 PM

Did You Know?... The CarCynic is a DJ!

CarCynic_DJ (90k image)
The CarCynic Provides Live Mixes and PA at a Car Show in Satellite Beach, Florida, September, 2018. Photo:VMA.

It's True, and not only that, but... The CarCynic may be available for your next event!

The CarCynic can provide sound reinforcement to smaller events, or work with larger companies and bands to provide second stage or stand-in sound.

  • Free for select charity events
  • Multiple DJ and PA systems available
  • Pro and Semi-Pro Sound Equipment
  • 70V Line Amplifier available to connect to your facility's speakers.

The CarCynic, and his Award-Winning Cars, can also be available for presentations, lectures, demonstrations, or video productions.

The CarCynic formally worked for major Lighting and Sound Reinforcement companies in the Miami, Florida area, and has worked in the sound booth for major events at the Orange Bowl, the UCF Stadium, and premier Miami Beach Night Clubs. That may have been decades ago, but today, the CarCynic can bring that experience and professionalism to your next event.

You can contact the CarCynic right now, by re-typing the email address below into your email application:

-- This is not the CarCynic's "Day Job". Availability Varies. The CarCynic reserves the right to determine which charity events he supports.
-- The CarCynic Buys, Sells, Horse Trades, Repairs, and sometimes Destroys his own audio equipment. Equipment availability is highly subject to change.

Posted by: admin on 03 September 18 @ 11:37 PM EST

13 May 18 @ 06:31 PM

Congratulations on that “New” Honda Clarity. It's design is 48 years old.

I'd like to thank Honda for giving me an excuse to talk about my new 1982 Citroen GSA. Yes, I'm the cynic, but in a strange reversal of roles, you may cynically call me out for referring to a 1982 car as “New”. Well, maybe that's true, but if so, then a 2018 Plug-In Hybrid that copies that 1982 Citroen (The Citroen GS was actually launched in 1970) isn't very new either.

Clarity_GSA (129k image)
Photo: Honda Clarity originally from wikimedia commons, edited by the CarCynic. Citroen GSA photo by The CarCynic.

Read on, and I'll leave most, but not all, cynicism aside as I explain...


Posted by: carcynic on 13 May 18 @ 06:31 PM EST [Article Anchor]

29 September 17 @ 11:16 PM

The Fastest Car in the World

Is this un-assuming family car the fastest production car in the world?

Citroen_Xantia_Small (155k image)
Photo: The CarCynic

Read on, and I'll show you that in a real-world driving test it is the fastest production car in the world, and that it has held that record since 1999...


Posted by: admin on 29 September 17 @ 11:16 PM EST [Article Anchor]

03 September 16 @ 05:42 PM

CarCynic Sales: 1961 Mercedes 190SL "Barn Find"

CarCynicSales (8k image)

For Sale: Desirable and Restorable 1961 Mercedes 190SL
NOTE: This Car is no longer available.

IMG_0118_sm (149k image)


Posted by: admin on 03 September 16 @ 05:42 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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