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Thursday, June 7th

Another Modern Citroen in the USA -- Liam Doran - Global Rally Cross Championship Citroen C4 -- UPDATE: Sebastian Loeb also to Attend!

Liam Doran's Citroen C4
(Photo: Liam Doran)

Liam Doran is a Leading British Rally Cross Racer. Rally Cross - essentially a more professional version of parking lot Auto Cross - is one of the closest things to Professional level Rally Racing we have here in the United States. Unlike WRC, the Global Rally Cross Championship does tour through the US, and Liam Doran has several commitments on the tour. He will be bringing his Monster Energy Citroen C4 in to the country, and you can see it on the dates listed below. It's the only time you're likely to see someone in the US (other than me) wearing a Citroen Racing crew shirt.

UPDATE: Eight time WRC World Champion Sebastian Loeb will also be competing at the XGames, and will be driving a Citroën DS3 XL. See the XGames link below for details.

Just as with the Citroen C0 that drove across the United States, Liam's Citroen Citroen C4 Race Car is temporarily imported under NTHSA rules exactly for this sort of competitive activity.

8-9 June Round 3 Global Rallycross Championship Texas Motor Speedway
9-10 June Pikes Peak Hillclimb Test Pike's Peak, Colorado
30 June - 1 July XGAMES 18 / Round 4 Global Rallycross Championship Los Angeles, California
13-14 July Round 4 Global Rallycross Championship New Hampshire Motor Speedway
26-27 August Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORS) Reno, Nevada

Click here to visit the Global Rally Cross website.
XGames 2012 Rally Cross
Click here to visit the Lucas Oil Or Road Series website.
Click here to visit the Pike's Peak Hill Climb website

carcynic on 06.07.12 @ 10:13 AM EST [Article Anchor]

Tuesday, June 5th

Is the Citroën 2CV Safe to Drive? (Continued)

This is a continuation of an article about the Safety of driving a Citroën 2CV.

The first part of this article is here. Read it first. It also includes an interesting video produced by Citroen in the 1970's.

This is an article about Automotive Safety. To find other Safety Related articles, use this Canned Search

carcynic on 06.05.12 @ 08:37 PM EST