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Thursday, March 14th

Holy Citroën! It's the Popemobile!

With all the news about the newly elected pope, a few things caught my attention.

Citroën makes a big deal out of it's cars' associations with famous people, including Popes. In a despicable attempt to capitalize on the Papal election (You know, kinda like this article), a currently running advert shows Citroën Engineers "cleaning up" the black smoke emanating from the Sistine Chapel. Frankly it's an ad that is stupid on so many levels that I don't have time to cover it here.

White_Smoke_ad (16k image)
Image from Citroen Advertisement

In another advert, this one from 2009, the 1970's Citroën Popemobile -- A fantastic car based on a lengthened, convertible Citroën SM is shown briefly.

carcynic on 03.14.13 @ 11:03 PM EST

Friday, March 8th

Safety Tip Presentation: Vehicle Lighting

lighting-1 (24k image)

Adapted from a “Safety Tip” presented to a group of NASA engineers, 2011.

Due to the high Integral of Danger associated with driving, discussion of a seemingly minor aspect of motoring can be more important than other safety topics that may initially appear to us as more dangerous or threatening.

Learning about vehicle lighting may help us understand and react correctly in a split-second driving situation. It will also help us make rational decisions about vehicle purchases that may someday help protect both ourselves as drivers, and our passengers.

Vehicle lighting is controlled by Federal Law. Why bother having federal laws for the lights on our cars? Because lighting really makes a difference in traffic situations.

That said, US vehicle safety laws have, in some cases, fallen behind European law. In some cases, current US law is simply incorrect.

carcynic on 03.08.13 @ 11:52 PM EST