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Tuesday, January 29th

The Car I Learned About Today: 2004-2012 Maserati Quattroporte

This article appeared on the CarCynic Google+ Page before existed. It is being included here for completeness. Not because I can't think of anything else to write about today.

Maserati Quattroporte
Photo: Wikimedia Contributor

Every true car enthusiast likes a high performance luxury sedan. So what do you do if you're not at the point in the wealth curve that allows you to drop $125,000 to $200,000 on a sedan? You buy used. Fortunately for those in this category, large exotic sedans don't hold their value well. Case in point: Maserati Quattroportes sell new for over $125,000, but if you find one that is 6-8 years old, and you have some decent negotiating skills, you can buy one for about what a new Hyundai Genesis, or Toyota Avalon would cost.
carcynic on 01.29.13 @ 09:40 PM EST

Thursday, January 24th

The Car I Learned About Today: The 2013 Ford C-Max

Ford_C-Max (15k image)
Photo: Ford Motor Co.

Of the traditional "Big 3" historically American car manufactures, I'm not typically a Ford or Dodge/Chrysler fan. So there's some irony that a previous "Car I Learned About Today" was the new Dodge Dart, and now I am writing about the Ford C-Max Hybrid.

carcynic on 01.24.13 @ 08:55 PM EST

Friday, January 11th

Help for Linda, Who Smells like the Radiator Fluid in Non-existant Cars.

A Google+ user, Linda, posted the following:

I've read of a lot of tips for plugging a hole in a radiator.
1: Which tip is the best?
2: Can you use the same tips for a crack in the heater?
I'm tired of smelling like coolant and my windows fogging up
(I've got a 1995 Citro├źn Xsara)

OK, Linda really needs some help here. Read on, and we'll sort through her problems.

carcynic on 01.11.13 @ 11:25 PM EST

Reader's Search: "why are 2CV good off road [sic]"

Here's a Search Query I saw in the logs of recently:"why are 2CV good off road". It may not be good grammar, but it's a good question (Actually it's 2 questions, as we will see), so I thought I'd answer it even though our inquisitive web searcher has come and gone.

carcynic on 01.11.13 @ 09:40 PM EST