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Home » Archives » August 2022 » The CarCynic and the Helping Seniors Car Raffle

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The CarCynic and the Helping Seniors Car Raffle

The CarCynic and CarCynic Sound have been promoting the 2022 Helping Seniors Car Raffle. The "Dodge vs Chevy" Challenge promotes the raffle by pointiing out that the raffle winner can choose the car they win. Check the video above, and then follow the links below to enter. You do not need to be present to win. All entries get access to the American Muscle Car Museum the night of the drawing.

UPDATE: The Official 2022 Dodge vs Chevy Challenge video is out! Check it out on YouTube!

Choose_Car (125k image)
Which car do you think the CarCynic would recommend that the winner take home? Hint: Between the CarCynic FAQ, and an old episode of "The Car I Learned About Today", you can figure it out.

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Posted by: admin on 18 August 22 @ 06:29 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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