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Home » Archives » February 2022 » CarCynic's comments on the current situation in Ukraine:

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CarCynic's comments on the current situation in Ukraine:

Based on My ownership of a car originally manufactured in the Soviet Union, I felt compelled to make a statement on the current situation in Ukraine.

Flag_of_Ukraine (2k image)st_javelin (45k image)
Origin of the image on the right is unknown. I claim no credit for this image.

I have decided to break that statement out to this separate article, and I will update this article as needed.

Original Entry: 24 February 2022
The CarCynic expresses his support and best wishes for the people of Ukraine. I would like to point out that this car was made in the former Soviet Union, a government that no longer exists. Russia in no way profited from the CarCynic's acquisition of this car. In response to Russian military action in Ukraine, the CarCynic is taking the following steps: 1.) At least for the short term, no parts or accessories will be purchased from Russian vendors unless those vendors specifically denounce the actions of the current Russian Government WRT Ukraine. This applies to companies and individuals selling on auction sites. 2.)The same applies to my support of YouTubers residing in Russia. Support means watching, "liking", purchasing "Merch", or providing links. The CarCynic will continue to support vendors and content producers within Ukraine and elsewhere who support and strive for a free Ukraine.

Please Read On for Updates...
26 February 2022
Several YouTube Creators and other Artists I follow have posted messages denouncing the Russian Government's actions in Ukraine.
Here is a partial list, with links to their messages.
Life of Boris Note: Life of Boris does not currently reside in Russia, although he has in the past, and probably has Russian citizenship.
Imperial Age
N----Z -- This YouTube "personality" who resides in Russia had made a video condemning the war, and indicating support for the Ukrainian people. This YouTuber now seems only concerned with his own money in light of the current sanctions. This YouTuber is now asking for (possibly illegal) donations in crypto currency. I strongly suggest readers donate to relief efforts in Ukraine instead. Link and actual name removed.
Garage54 has apparently posted a statement, but I could not find the statement itself, only comments from other viewers commending their statement.

I will continue to update this. My goal is to encourage other Russian Individuals and Companies to let the Russian Government know that the world -- both inside and outside Russia do not support their violent, destructive behavior.

I think Life of Boris's video reflects my feelings best. While I have never resided in, or even visited a Slavic country, my goal in owning a Lada, and exposing Americans to USSR technology and Slavic culture was to foster more understanding, and thus prevent conflict.

A virus that unquestionably began to spread in China has killed (as of this writing) nearly 350,000 Russians, yet the current government of the Russian Federation thwarts the efforts of people like me and Life of Boris, while getting closer to China. Maybe Life of Boris is right... All is Lost.

Up until the recent escalation of violence, visiting -- and even possibly living in -- Ukraine seemed like a great retirement plan for this old Cynic. A modern appartment in a "Commieblock"... Riding a Soviet era Tatra tram on the streets of Kiev, Kharkiv, or Odessa... Eating the healthy Ukrainian food... Exploring the Largest Market in Europe... --- all these sounded like a pretty good life to me. Life of Boris is right at least for now... All is Lost.

The words of the Within Temptation Song "Paradise (What About Us?)" come to mind: " No it's not our paradise... But it's all we want... And it's all that we're fighting for".

Update (Still 26 February 2022)
Life of Boris YouTube Statement has gotten over half a million views in 8 hours. Make sure you hit "Like". This causes YouTube's algorithms to present it in more people's feeds.

Update (01 March 2022)
Yeah Russia Previously released a statement, but it has since been taken down, and she has rebranded her YouTube channel to "Natasha's Adventures" (that part is for obvious reasons). We hope that Natasha may someday be able to tell her story safely.

Some people have expressed that they think the current leader of the Russian Federation wants to restore the former Soviet Union. The destruction of the Antonov AN-225 indicates they are trying to erase the accomplishments of the former Soviet Union, not restore it. I don't know what they think they are trying to accomplish.

Posted by: admin on 26 February 22 @ 02:39 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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