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Home » Archives » May 2015 » Hey! Citroën Fans -- Stop Reading This Page! -- Instead, Go to eBay Immediately

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Hey! Citroën Fans -- Stop Reading This Page! -- Instead, Go to eBay Immediately

Citroen C6 on eBay (177k image)
Photo Credit: eBay seller

If you're a Citroën affectionado, or anyone that may be interested in adding a rare and one-of-a-kind car to your collection, now is a good time to be surfing eBay.

Read on for a summary, and some information about these cars from the CarCynic... First, and most significantly, we have a Green, 2006 Citroen C6 for sale in New York. That's right there is a C6 in the US, and it is for sale.

Update: The CarCynic has seen and driven this car.

According to the eBay posting, this car is legally registered and driven in New York (although I do not know how, and perhaps I shouldn't ask). The seller also mentions that it was garage kept, and driven very little (although it does have 76,597 -- "somethings" -- miles or KM -- on it, so it must have been driven at some point.)
Since certain -- ahem -- "steps" must have been "overlooked" to get it in the country, it is likely not modified for the US. It's probably an unadulterated European version. It's also a diesel, so not only can you brag about it's hydropneumatic active suspension, heads up display, and other cool features, but on-lookers will also be impressed almost to disbelief when you tell them the fuel mileage.

Sadly, a "limo black" would likely catch a higher price for a elegant car like this, unless you just happen to be a buyer that is enamoured with all things dark green.

It is also the 2.7L single turbo diesel engine. It will run fine on US diesel fuel, but don't expect neck-snapping horsepower. It's only slightly over 200 HP in a 4000 lb car. In 2009, they upgraded it to a 3.0L diesel, and there was a dual turbo version available.

Inevitably the question of getting it repaired in the US will come up. If you are a large vehicle collector (sorry -- I'm not referring to anyone’s physique) you'll have your own staff to maintain it -- send them over to Europe for a while and have them get some training. Taking this car to a "regular" US mechanic will kill it for sure (and it won't do the mechanic's blood pressure any good either).

If you do have a mechanic that is willing to learn, getting some of the parts actually will not be that difficult. The same engine is used in several vehicles sold (and serviced) in the US, including some Jaguars and Land Rovers. Body and interior parts will need to be sourced from "across the pond".

So what's it worth? Well -- (It's rarely a good story when it starts with "Well") I don't want to be too specific while the auction is under way, but over in Europe, C6's are not holding their value well. As the Top Gear crew said, When you buy one "You loose all your money". A quick glance over on shows dozens of C6's of about this age and mileage for under 10,000 of those things with the funny "E". Don't for get, however, the cost and headaches someone already paid to get that car over here to the US. (Disclaimer: It is not impossible that at some point the CarCynic could be a prospective buyer of a Citroen C6, and thus may have an interest in depressing the value of the car. The CarCynic is not bidding on this auction, or any of the auctions mentioned here, at this time.)

Also understand that registering it could lead to problems -- especially in a different state. Remember that your friendly local tax collector is not US customs. The car -- one way or another -- is already in the US. Your state tag agency should be happy to take your money and issue you a registration, but if someone does start asking questions, make sure you have the right story, and the papers to back it up.

What else has me obsessively reloading my eBay search page?

First, the Citroen BX that I have written about here has been re-listed at a lower price.

Closer to the styling of a Citroen C6, is a couple of CX's (Disclaimer: The CarCynic owns a Citroen CX, and thus has an interest in seeing Citroen CX's sell for more money).

Some collectors brush off anything with plastic covered bumpers as "too modern". Here is a beautiful 1976 Citroen CX 2200 Pallas with only 12,000 miles on it. Almost "time capsule" stuff. Incredible ride, the highly collectable "space ship dash", and the classic beauty of chrome bumpers. Bid a high maximum bid, it's already got 59 bids on it, and it's counting fast.

If you miss out on that one, drop some big numbers on this one (Disclaimer: The CarCynic knows the seller, but has not spoken to him about this car, or any current eBay auction). Still with the chrome bumpers, it is another Series One CX Pallas. The later model (1980) will get you the space ship dash at a lower price, due to more mileage, and a little rougher condition, but it will also get you the incredible (and collectible) DIRAVI "Fly by hydraulics" steering that the 1976 model mentioned above did not have.

Even more collectible is this nearly concourse ready 1956 Citroen 11B Familiale. Like the Citroen CX Prestige, "Familiale" refers to a lengthened rear passenger area. The incredibly prestigious looks of the Citroen Traction Avants, together with the lengthened body make for a striking car that will make people walk away from almost any other car at the show. Look at the condition of the dash and engine compartment, too!

There's also a couple of very clean Mehari's for sale in the Netherlands, and another Traction for you to peruse, but I need to stop writing at some point.

Note: Due to the transient nature of eBay auctions, links in this article may expire. Please do not complain about dead links.

Posted by: admin on 10 May 15 @ 12:33 AM EST [Article Anchor]

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