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Home » Archives » April 2013 » Citroën CX Survival Guide - Part 2

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Citroën CX Survival Guide - Part 2

To find more articles in this series, use the Search Box on the left, or Click Here.

In addition to this article, the Citroën CX Survival Guide - Part 1 has been updated. Please see that article for new information.

The CX Survival Guide is continued with more information about getting parts for our favorite French Techno-Marvels here in the USA. This edition has some more common maintenance parts such as fuel filters and oil filters.
Oil Filter
The CarCynic has always used and recommended WIX filters. PLEASE do not ask me for a FRAM cross reference. The thought of using FRAM filters on a Citroen will make me do a face-palm bad enough to hurt.
The following part numbers were obtained by cross-referencing the Purflux numbers to European WIX numbers, and then calling WIX USA for the US equivalent numbers.
WIX 51347 <--- Best (largest filtration area)
WIX 57046
WIX 51324
STP S2903 (Not as large)
The smaller filters are easier to fit through the surrounding structure, but have less filtration area.

Oil Pressure Switch
After a time the original oil pressure switches on these cars (and many other cars of the same time) will begin to leak.
Commercial Ignition XOPS53
Lucas SOB 703
Facet 7.0022

Fuel Filter
Bosch 71035
WIX 33156

Spark Plugs
Denso Iridium IWF20
NGK Platinum BP6HS

(Turbo II Cars only for now)
Bosch 0280 150 802 (No Cat)
Bosch 0280 150 804 (Cat)
Ask for Injectors for:
90-92 Volvo 740
90-91 Volvo 760
91-95 Volvo 940
(Volvos with turbo engine)
Make sure the top part, where the connector connects, is the correct color (Same as ones you are replacing).
Like the other F.I. parts, BOSCH color coded them. If they are the right color, it should be the right part.
Also: AIRTEX / WELLS Part # 4G1617

* Turbo *

The Turbo is a standard Garrett T-3. Most shops that can work on a Garrett Turbo can rebuild or replace your turbo. This applies to the Diesel and Petrol ("Gas") Turbo engine. The Diesel has an internal waste gate and the Petrol has an external waste gate, but It is my understanding that they are the same Turbo Core. The Petrol engine (Series II) is set to 8 psi Boost. There is no blow-off valve. Series II cars have a Intercooler, Series I does not.

* Turbo Waste Gate *

The Turbo II Petrol cars use a standard (for the time) External Waste Gate. It is a German part that is also found on other turbo cars of the time -- Specifically Audi S2, RS2 and S4's and likely others. The Citroen CX is a "Low-Blow" Turbo set-up, and produces only 8 psi (0.5 bar). Attempting to increase it will only result in a blown headgasket (or worse! -- Much worse!). Again, any place that works on turbos should be able to re-build it for you. There are replacements available that use a re-conditioned base section (the actual valve) and a new top part (diaphram and spring). If you purchase one of these you will have to specify a 8 psi spring, or buy a 8 psi spring and change it out. The new diaphram and spring section can use modern, standard wastegate valves, so a "generic" or "universal" 8 psi spring can be used in the newer assemblies. Do Not buy a new spring, and use it in the old waste gate without proper calibration, as the older springs are not the same length.

Please verify parts before installing This guide is just that -- a guide. You as the mechanic and/or driver are responsible for insuring that you use the correct parts.

Posted by: carcynic on 27 April 13 @ 03:15 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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