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Home » Archives » July 2012 » Loeb Schools 'em at X-Games, LA

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Loeb Schools 'em at X-Games, LA

XGame-Loeb (14k image)
Photo: Red Bull?

Citroen eight time WRC World Champion Sebastian Loeb traveled to the X-Games in Los Angeles, and won the gold metal at the Rally Cross competition.

I happened to note that some articles that I've seen appear to go out of thier way not to mention Loeb or Citroen in the headlines, even though Loeb, driving a Citroen DS3 XL, won the gold metal for the event.

A website called "Paddock Talk" has a headline "Fiesta [Ford] Claims Two Podium Places At X Games 18". The ESPN X-Games site has the headline "Pastrana Sandwiched", again referring to a competitor that did not win -- Loeb and Citroen are mentioned in the sub-title.

Now, I understand that Loeb is not the celebrity here in the US that he is in Europe, and many here in the US don't even know that Citroen is an automobile manufacture, but what's with the headlines that seem to go out of the way to avoid mentioning Citroen, or their star driver?

I'd also like to mention that he won by 12 seconds -- that's a huge amount of time on the the small X-Games Rally Cross course.

Posted by: carcynic on 02 July 12 @ 10:04 PM EST [Article Anchor]

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